Gotham: Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies Season 3 Episode 14- Review

By: Miki    January 31,2017

What a show!  What a show!  Seriously!  Tonight’s winter finale, Gotham episode 314 Mad City: the Gentle Art of Making Enemies, was- dare I say it?  Mad and insane and twisted in all the best ways!  Okay, spoilers ahead, so skedaddle in 3, 2, 1…

gotham-season-3-episode-14-features-encounter-between-bruce-and-jeromePhoto Credit: Gotham Season 3 Title on FOX by Warner Bros.

The love of comics is alive and well in Gotham!  Ed Nigma (Cory Michael Smith) has finally donned the iconic green Riddler suit, Jerome (Cameron Monoghan), be he THE Joker or not, put on a circus straight of the pages of Batman comics. Bruce (David Mazouz) uttered three little words that set fans on fire.

Gotham shifted its attention from Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and reminded us of the Batman endgame.  Bruce gave us a taste of the Batman he’ll become by tenaciously calculating how to manipulate Jerome, diving into the criminal ego and psyche.  From the second Jerome enters Wayne Manor to the blood pulsing fight in the fun house, Bruce made the switch.  The Code of the Batman took shape and Bruce took the first crucial steps to becoming a hero in three distinct scenes.

Scene 1:

Kidnapped and fearing that Alfred has been murdered, Bruce sees a man sitting on the platform of a dunk tank over a pool of piranhas.

Jerome: “Gotham has no heroes.”

Jerome takes aim at the target.  You can see it, something in Bruce’s brain clicks and he fearlessly launches into action and tackles Jerome to the ground.

Yeah, Bruce!  That’s what we wanted to see!  The Bat in him is just starting to break through the surface and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Scene 2:

gotham-bruce-and-jerome-3            Photo Credit: Gotham Season 3 Episode 14 on FOX by Warner Bros. Pictured: Cameron Monoghan as Jerome and David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne.

Despite the back-up that Gordon, Bullock (Donal Logue), Alfred (Sean Pertwee), and the GCPD provide, Bruce knows that only one man can save him- himself.

In the fun house of mirrors, after a stunning hand-to-hand brawl, Bruce is sitting on Jerome, the shining, broken pane of pointed mirror glass in his hand.  The struggle between plunging it into Jerome’s throat and sparing his life is clear on Bruce’s face as his eye catches his own reflection in the mirror.  Instead of the rage and vengeance being unleashed in a river of blood it bursts from his throat in a tortured scream.

Scene 3:

gotham-wayne-manorPhoto Credit: Wayne Manor from Gotham on FOX by Warner Bros. 2014-2017

Bruce and Alfred return to the manor to reflect and recuperate.

Alfred: “There’s a very fine line, Master Bruce, between Justice and Vengeance.”

Bruce: “I know, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t one. I knew there was a line tonight, and I                   didn’t cross it.”

Alfred: “Well, then that’s the first rule then.  I’ve been training you so you can defend yourself, but we’re well passed that.  So what’s all that training for?  What are you going to do with it?”

Bruce: “I don’t know.”

Alfred: “Nor do I, but if you’re going to keep going, you’re going to need rules; rules that you cannot and will not break, no matter what reason or what circumstance.”

Bruce: “I will not kill.”

Alfred: “Say it again.”

Bruce: “I will not kill.”

Alfred: “Then let’s get started.”

Cue the Batman: The Animated Series theme song! This is the stuff that takes Bruce to Batman.  I still think he’s a few years off from being the Prince of Gotham to becoming a full-fledged Dark Knight, but he’s definitely on the road. I’d love to see Bruce take one of his famous training trips and bring back what he’s learned to Gotham.  Or maybe glimpses of him studying foreign languages and techniques would be a great nod to his future.

And how does Gotham top off its best episode to date?

gotham-season-3-riddlerPhoto Credit: Gotham Season 3, Episode 14 on FOX by Warner Bros. Pictured: Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nigma

The Riddler is on the horizon, folks!  Sadly, the Penguin has deteriorated to a lovesick teenager with a one tract mind. He didn’t seem all that concerned when the “love of his life revealed” that he was the one who taunted him with his father’s ghost and “gently” left Cobblepot’s father in a Chinatown dumpster.  Nigma took care of the whole needy stalker issue by shooting Cobblepot and pushing him into the river.  The old “King of Gotham” is dead- for now.

All in all, Mazouz’s performance was stellar and as spot-on as one could ever hope for.  He is the young Bruce Wayne that I have always pictured and more.  It’s clearer than ever that the writer, Seth Boston, director, Louis Shaw Milito and the rest of the cast and crew are dedicated to both comic and new fans alike.

I can’t wait to see what the Riddler has in store for Gotham in episode 15, How the Riddler Got His Name! And you can’t help but wonder, what Gordon’s Uncle Frank has up his sleeve.  How is Uncle Frank involved with the Court of the Owls?  Are they looking to create a new Talon or a friend on the GCPD?  What’s the clone of Bruce have to do with all of this?

What did you think of this episode share your thoughts in the comments below!  Are you totally stoked for season 3B?

Gotham returns April 24, 2017 on FOX.


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