Black History Month Spotlight: 3 Reasons to Love Saga’s Alana

By: Miki

Who is better to kick off Sweets and Geeks’ weekly Black History Month Spotlight and celebrate Image Comics’ 25th Anniversary than with Saga’s Alana.

Alana made her debut in Saga #1 on March 12, 2012 from the creative minds of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. In Saga, the Landfall Coalition is a planet at war with its only satellite, Wreath. Hate and violence are tearing the galaxy apart but what’s happens when a woman from Landfall and a man from Wreath fall in love, get married, and have a baby?


From the moment she graced the cover breast-feeding her baby girl Hazel while holding a gun in her hand, we knew that you don’t want to mess with Alana.

saga-issue-1-conver                              Photo Credit: Saga Volume 1 Written by Brian K. Vaughan and Illustrated by Fiona Staples from Image Comics. March 12, 2012 

She’s Decisive and Strong

From the first issue, Alana gave birth to her girl Hazel and a quickly beloved series. Saga would never be what it is today without Alana’s firm decision making and a grab life by the horns attitude. After escaping her neglectful father’s home and joining the Landfall Coalition’s army Alana quickly established her as an independent provider. Although being demoted to guard duty on Cleave due to her hesitation to kill innocents, her punishment quickly became her reward. She fell in love with Marko, the prisoner from Wreath, and freed him so that the two could be together.

She’s Human

Well, as human as a woman from another planet can get. Alana works hard to provide for her family. But, being the only bread-winner can is stressful. While working on Gardenia as an Open Circuit (kind of like a TV provider) member Alana became addicted to drugs, causing a rift to form between her and Marko. They spend some time apart and she eventually gets clean, prioritizing her family over all else.

She’s Accepting and Lovable

Alana is fiercely loyal to those she loves and will do anything to protect them. Even when they tick her off.  Her relationship with Marko is never simple and not always easy. Between crazy in-laws and Marko’s scorned ex-fiance, Gwendolyn, it’s never a dull day.  After finding out her wedding ring actually belonged to Gwendolyn’s grandparents, Alana was pissed that Marko had never even mentioned this woman but after the rage subsided, she accepted it and moved on. As if that weren’t enough, the in-laws pop in unannounced. Even though her father-in-law, Barr instantly warms up to his son’s family, it’s clear that her mother-in-law, Klara is far from pleased. However, Alana’s genuine excitement at her Klara’s warrior skills win her over. After all, it’s hard to resist an impassioned Alana.

Check out Saga from Image Comics.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Saga Volume 8 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples from Image Comics. December 19, 2012.


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