Image Comics Celebrates Women’s History Month with Planned Parenthood

March is Women’s History Month at Image Comics

Rat Queens Variant Cover Proceeds Go To Planned Parenthood.jpgPhoto Credit: Rat Queens #1 by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Owen Gieni, Women’s History Month Variant Cover by Colleen Doran from Image Comics

Today, Image Comics announced that continuing its celebration of its 25th anniversary, they will be publishing special variants dedicated to the theme of the month. With progressive titles and strong female leads, it should come as no surprise that the industry giant isn’t shying away from social causes.

To kick things off on March 1, 2017, 100% proceeds from the purchase of variant covers will enable fans to help Image Comics in their effort to support Planned Parenthood. Image’s Director of Sales, Corey Murphy was proud of the company’s decision and stated in the official press release, “Many of Image Comics’ staff—myself included—and an ever-growing catalog of some of the most talented writers and artists in the industry, feel strongly about supporting women’s reproductive rights… This month we celebrate Women’s History, the strides the women have made in the comics industry, and the difference that everyone—male and female—has made by coming together in spreading equality.”

Murphy also talks about the benefits of Planned Parenthood and how it has helped people. Planned Parenthood is a century old, non-profit organization that strives to educate, provide healthcare for, and advocate for reproductive rights and healthcare in communities across the globe. They provide services that concern themselves to helping people live healthy, comfortable lives. Reproductive rights have been a long-time controversy, but there are other services that it provides for both women and men. Diabetes testing, flu vaccines and regular physicals are also available at an affordable price.

Either way you slice it and whether you support Planned Parenthood or not, you cannot possibly deny a spotlight on hard-earned women’s achievements in the comic book industry.  All variant covers feature female artists, like Meredith McLaren, Chyna Clugston-Flores, and Jill Thompson. For a long time, the comic book industry and fan-base has been stigmatized as a male-dominated field, but that stance is becoming less and less true every day. Women are often the unsung heroes of the comic book industry with many running operations behind the scenes. But, with women making headlines it’ll be exciting to see how the industry dynamics will change in the future.

Check out the list of variants for your Image titles on: Image Comics’ Official Site.

So, will you be picking up any Image Comics Special Variants in March? Drop a line in the comments and don’t forget to follow Sweets and Geeks!

By: Miki


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