Let’s Talk Japan

At Sweets and Geeks I talk a lot about embracing the geek lifestyle and I can vouch for why you should!

When you spend the 90’s and 00’s waiting with baited breath for the sweet sound of Tom’s spaceship to welcome you to Toonami or to be filled with glee when that Adult Swim logo became emblazoned on your screen, you bet you dream of Japan. Anime and video games fueled my childhood (and adulthood) with dreams of wearing school uniforms, fighting evil and meeting that insanely, unrealistically, perfect guy. While, I’ve outgrown most of the fantastical aspects of adolescent geekdom, a passion of me still burned brightly to become one with Japan.

I spent a year in Japan, and boy, let me tell you, it has been the most epic part of my life… so far. I want you to get out there and live your dreams.

That’s why I started this series: Weekends in Japan


I hope that you will find these articles helpful in your journey to discover the real Japan. And trust me, that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of samurai and ninja.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Miki from Sweets and Geeks


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