Women of DC Spotlight: Huntress and Power Girl

It’s time to highlight some of the most kick ass DC comics heroine team-ups to celebrate Women’s History Month! Comic book fans won’t soon forget the tumultuous path that DC with the New 52. Pre-New 52 stories were well written with characters that strove to be greater than themselves and to do their mentors proud. The New 52 undid much of the multiverse created by several turning point stories and cast characters out of the universe or gave them new life.Kicking off our celebration of Women’s History Month is Worlds’ Finest: Huntress and Power Girl written by Paul Levitz brought us two of DC’s most powerful women and highlighted women’s achievements.

Photo Credit: Worlds’ Finest: Huntress and Power Girl Annual #1 by Paul Levitz

Transported from Earth-2, Helena Wayne and Karen Starr find themselves in the New 52 continuity, unable to return home. There goal is simple, to get back. While on this earth they see familiar faces but are thrown by the differences between the family and friends they know and the ones of this world. The two girls become women, evident in upgrading from their sidekick status to becoming heroines.

Helena Wayne a.k.a Huntress is the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, better known as Batman and Catwoman. Helena first debuted in DC Super Stars #17 as the daughter of Batman and Catwoman and was killed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline. She idolized her parents and looked up to Dick Grayson as a big brother figure. In this story, she is Robin, an identity that her parents clash over. She was transported shortly after the death of her mother and was bashful in meeting her new Earth’s Batman. Despite the hardships, she uses her brains and skills to work with Karen to build a portal home, even being so bold as to borrow money from her ‘father.’

Reintroduced to the New 52 DCU, Karen left behind her Earth-2 Supergirl identity to become Power Girl and is adopted by Lois and Clark Kent. On top of her amazing crime stopping Kryptonian abilities Karen quickly builds up her wildly successful company, Starr Enterprises with a little help from start up money supplied by Helena. Karen shows entrepreneurial prowess to rival Lex Luthor’s. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. How could a character with a boob window in her costume, not to mention the size of her breasts, be a good role model for women? Well, the fact is that Power Girl herself once addressed that she is proud of her feminine physique and that if men choose to ogle her then that’s their problem. I think that this headstrong attitude and confidence earns her a spot as a role model for people ever, regardless of sex.

I definitely recommend that anyone who loves comics and great storytelling should pick up a copy of Worlds’ Finest: Huntress and Power Girl to celebrate good old fashioned girl power! 

Who is your ultimate female team up? Tell me in the comments below! Also, don’t miss the next team up by following Sweets and Geeks here on WordPress and at instagram.com/sweetsandgeeks.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Worlds’ Finest by Paul Levitz


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