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What is Sweets and Geeks?  We are Sweets and Geeks!

A voice for all the kids out there who huddled under their covers with comic books clutched to their hearts and reading until their eyes gave out into technicolor dreams of a better tomorrow.  We are a camaraderie of fans that share a passion for embracing the geek lifestyle.  What does that mean?  It means we don’t only love comics, video games, anime, fantasy, science fiction- well, you get the picture.  But, we seamlessly incorporate it into our lives through projects, parties, fashion, and homes!

So welcome to the Geekdom!  Safely share your thoughts and ideas about your favorite things!

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Meet Miki

Favorite Fast Facts:

  • Comic book series: Teen Titans (Bronze Age, Geoff Johns’ run)
    • Character: Tim Drake
  • Anime/Manga series: Mars by Fuyumi Soryo
  • Video Game series: Toss up between Dragon Age and Resident Evil

It all started with a man and a cowl. At age 5 I was stumbling my way through Batman: Prodigal and the rest is history. Raised on a healthy diet of  fantasy, superheroes, and a smidgen of sci-fi, the 90’s and 00’s were a training ground for embracing the geek lifestyle.  Toonami was at its peak, superheroes were pouring out of Cartoon Network and I was quickly being swept up in the convention scene.

In college, I turned passion and obsession into academic magnum opuses by taking an introspective look at culture through comic books and anime.  I even found my favorite video game franchise, Dragon Age by doing a paper on it! Later, I lived the dream and spent a year working in Japan.  Now that I’m back, I’m ready to let my passion direct me to my next adventure!

Pop culture is a great reflection of our society today and even more so, our every day values and struggles. While the entertainment industry has us eating out of the palms of their hands, they have the power to send positive messages and change the world. It’s our job, as fans, to follow these examples and incorporate them into our everyday lives.